All our books and gifts are handpicked:


Working in partnership with like-minded collaborators - our aim is to make it easy for our guests to learn, try new things and sample a rich array of interesting, useful quality products. All items are individually sourced to ensure they are artisanal products of rich and interesting provenance with stories you can share. Our objective is to encourage sustainable living and selection is made with that in mind. Our products are inspired by where we are, our role in the world and giving back.

Our books selection includes the food we serve in St Luke's Kitchen or the book launches we host - working in collaboration with the authors and publishers. 

Our LIBRARY Gin - Gin Archives is inspired by the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and carries with it notes from the Alchemists' journey around the world.

StandSeven luxury products are sourced from all over the world supporting livelihoods of the craftsmen usually from poor communities. Each item is carefully selected and curated to provide you with a unique LIBRARY experience.


  • A Bottle of LIBRARY - Gin
  • Day Pass
  • Candle
  • Art