LIBRARY Council - For Members by Members

LIBRARY is for the benefit of members and we would like you to start having a greater input in the running of your club. This is why we propose the formation of a council for the year 2016/2017. Councils work best with around 10 members sitting on them and we are looking for council members. There will be a requirement to attend all council meetings, with one held every quarter.

Within the LIBRARY council there are five specific roles:

  • LIBRARY Social Club
    Run by two members Alec and Charlene. They help the team organise events for members by members, This includes networking and our big 4 of Easter, Birthday, Halloween and NYE. Looking to consider external events which groups of members can group together and go along to/take part in.

  • LIBRARY Services
    Oli and Krystle are responsible for this. They are running a mystery diner programme and following up with gathering feedback on all aspects of club life here at LIBRARY.

  • LIBRARY Values
    Steve and Claudia are the driving force on values. Commitment, Curiosity and Community are at the heart of everything we hold dear to our hearts here at LIBRARY.

  • LIBRARY Membership Benefits and Partnerships
    Alan is working away lining up new partners for us to work with, as we look to enhance what LIBRARY membership offer to members.

  • LIBRARY Charity of the Year
    Room to Read is our charity of the Year. Our member Jots works closely alongside our team helping create charity events and opportunities for fundraising.

    Should you wish to apply for a role on the council please contact us stating which role you are interested in. Please apply before 31/07/16


To enhance your membership we are delighted to introduce our new Honours Programme. The programme is a points system designed to give back to you. Earning points is really easy and fits seamlessly with your use of the club:

  • -  Every club visit = 10 points

  • -  Every £1 spent on bedrooms and bar = 1 point | Every £1 spent in St Luke's kitchen = 2 points

  • -  Donate to our charity of the year = x5 amount in points e.g. donate £50 - receive 250 points

  • -  Each new LIBRARY member introduction & sign-up = 500 points.

  • -  Participate in LIBRARY council meetings = 500 points x 4 meets a year.

    1000 points equate to a £100 tab i.e. 10%. Your tab can be spent on any of the services and facilities within the club. If you accumulate 10 000 points, we will double them to 20 000 which equates to £2000. Furthermore points can also be used for membership renewals and room hires. Should you wish to redeem your points, simply let us know in advance of your visit and we’ll apply the discount.

    NB* To start earning, present your LIBRARY membership card at reception on arrival. A points update and statement will be sent to you at the end of each month starting July 2016.