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Hannah Conteh started practicing pilates in 2009 following a knee injury.

Her story:

I had lots of physio to try and rebuild the muscle around my knee and nothing seemed to work. A friend suggested I try pilates and I've not looked back since! I practice 3 times a week and it not only helps keep my knee injury at bay it also is a great way to keep me fit and de-stressed. I decided after many years of pilates that I'd like to learn more by teaching and helping others. I've been teaching for over a year now and the progress I've seen in my clients is phenomenal. I had clients with severe back pain, shoulder pain and poor spinal alignment due to bad posture, through correct practice of pilates they are know pain free, have a great posture and some are even taller!!

Pilates was invented by a man called Joseph Pilates. He invented it to help with the rehabilitation of bedridden patients in hospitals using the beds as equipment and the patients bodies as weights. He called it contrology. It focuses on spinal alignment and 'resetting' your spine to straighten out bad posture and insure your weight is placed evenly around the body. It's performed using your breathe to control the movement and building core muscles from the inside out. Pilates is a mixed ability exercise regime and is aimed at all ages and levels of fitness.

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