Better Living Through Music: Hand to Mouth Over 9 to 5

Better Living Through Music is a light hearted, irreverent talk in how living hand to mouth can become an empowering and liberating way to be. How freeing yourself of the anxieties of the 9 to 5, through music and art can become a life changing experience and even a political statement. We live in cities that display the wares of the creative mind on every street, in every bar, every bank lobby, even down to the way our coffee reaches us. Everything we look at, see and hear has been at least partially facilitated to us through creativity. Yet living as a creative freelancer, without guaranteed income, is a minefield.

Paul Hanford is a presenter on Hoxton Radio and music expert on London Live. As an in demand DJ he has played records to Robert DeNiro on the French Riviera and co-hosts POP! Dalston’s biggest indie night. Starting out in the 90s, his band sang Feed The World with an army of dwarves and accidentally invented chillwave. Later, he helped develop ground breaking immersive music experiences for Secret Cinema. His first short fiction is published in February, a long with music culture writing in A_Magazine (also launching February).

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