Frequently Asked Questions


1)     What are the bedroom rates?
A: Bedrooms range from £165 - £400 per night depending on seasonality, demand and the size of the room. Members get 20% off the advertised rate. 

2)     How many guests can a member bring?
A: Members can bring in up to 3 guests - should you wish to bring in more you will need to let us know beforehand

3) What are your opening hours? 
A: We open at 7am and serve breakfast. Full Opening hours are listed here

4) What are the membership benefits and facilities?
A: Membership benefits and facilities are listed here

5) Can members hire the venue and what are the costs?
A: Members do not pay hire fees for personal events e.g. birthdays, leaving do’s, engagement parties etc. Members are still subject to a minimum spend for an exclusive area. Members may not use their personal membership for a corporate hire. However, corporate members may hire without incurring hire fees for up to 3 events per annum. Please contact us for specific rates and rooms

6) When do I get my membership card?
A: After signing up - it will take between 8 - 12 weeks for us to process your welcome pack

7) What are the types of membership and fees?
A: There are several types of memberships and the information can be found here

8) Who can apply to be a member?
A:  Anyone can apply to become a member. The selection and approval process is easy. In the first instance, come and visit us and we will approve/decline your application after your visit. If you have a proposer who must be a current member, they become your referee and you are automatically accepted as a member. 

9)  Will my membership fee ever go up?
A: Fortunately no, the price you start with is the price you pay for the lifetime of your membership unless you stop your subscription. Should you re-apply - you will pay whatever the fees are at the time that you re-apply.

10) What are the fitness classes and what time will they be, how much are they and do I have to pay for the fitness classes?
A: Please visit the wellness page. We are in the process of compiling classes. We will have have 5 classes Mon-Fri and workshops at the weekend. 
2 classes in the morning (7 and 8 am), 1 at lunch (12.30pm) and 2 in the evening (6 and 7pm).
The classes will range from yoga and pilates to dancefit, mindfulness and boxercise. 
Members pay up to 50% less than non-members and classes range from £10 - £20 before members discount.

While there are no classes booked members and personal trainers may use the space.