Ligia Cannon



About Me : Yoga, Restorative and Meditation

Why Yoga and Mindfulness - because I worked for years in London as an interior architect and I was hooked on exercise. I obsessed about getting my fix and escaping work in my lunch hour, before or after work. To start with I enjoyed vigorous workouts but as pressure and responsibility increased I was more drawn towards a balanced state. So Yoga and Mindfulness. I don’t know what I would have been like without becoming conscious of my stress levels and learn how to bring joy to my working day. I found the combination of conscious movement and breath to be particularly good at creating a content and resourceful state at work.

My classes:

I teach a Slow Flow Vinyasa or Hatha focused on alignment and breath. I use Breath and Mindfulness to bring attention to the body and calm or enliven the nervous system.

When I teach I know how important transitions are. Spaces of silence and stillness reset our nervous system. In this space is easier to let go of resistance and we return to being grounded by our breath. We start to move with a renewed contentment and energy. We can let go of competitive behaviour and practice for ourselves. I like to start slow and then move into poses, strong and with awareness. Breathe and align, tone and lengthen, calm and focused. I aim to leave my students feeling content and alive.

Ligia Cannon: Wednesdays 8am-9am & 8pm till 9pm: Yoga, Restorative and Meditation