Fitness Studio

§  No high heels

§  Members may use the studio when it is available and free – please check calendar

§  Non-members may only use the studio when taking part in a paid for class

§  Members that bring guests to use the studio (outside of a programmed class) must ensure their guests all pay a £10 guest fee at reception

§  Members get discounts on all programmed classes

Locker Room

§  No glass in locker rooms.

§  LIBRARY is not responsible for lost or stolen items or items vacated due to unauthorised use.

§  No use of cameras or video recorders allowed at any time.

§  Locker and shower rooms are unisex or gender neutral

§  To access a locker – please leave your membership card or bank card at reception in exchange for a locker key

Locker Usage

§  With the exception of rental lockers, items may not be left overnight. Contents of unauthorised lockers will be removed.

§  All lockers must be vacated at the close of each day. Any lockers with items remaining at close will be unlocked and items will be vacated. LIBRARY is not responsible for storing items left in lockers.

§  Should you keep items overnight in a locker (that is not a rental locker) – there is a £50 charge for the first night and then items will be removed on the second night

§  Should you lose your locker key there is also a £50 charge to replace and open the locker

§  No items may be hung outside of the lockers.

§  Members have preference over non-members for locker use

 Locker Rental

§  Should you wish to leave your items in a locker we offer a limited locker rental service

§  You may rent a locker for:

§  3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or 3 months

§  £30,       £60,     £100,     £180     or     £450

Shower / Changing Room

§  Showers are open and available from 7am – 11pm and also serve as changing rooms

§  To use a shower, please request a towel from reception

§  Only one person permitted in a shower room at any time

§  Please be considerate and leave the room as clean as you found it and your used towels in the laundry bin

Food and Drink

Food and drink is permitted in designated areas only. Glass containers are prohibited at all times in the shower and lower area

Mobile Phone Use

Due to the potential for phones to be used as a photographic device, their use is prohibited in all restrooms and locker room areas. Patrons may use cellular phones in other areas but must adhere to restrictions regarding photography and videotaping. Violators of the above policies may be asked to leave the premises and may face further disciplinary actions.


We encourage our members to bring only necessary items to our facilities. Leave valuables at home and be especially vigilant in providing for the security of belongings.