Your membership card in partnership with MasterCard is a cash card that allows you to purchase items within the club and also anywhere where MasterCard is accepted.
Your first card comes pre-loaded with £50 for you to use anywhere MasterCard is accepted*.
Each time you use your card at a partner retailer you will receive up to 10% cash back on your card. e.g. if you purchase an item for £100 at a partner retailer, we will put up to £10 back onto your card at the start of each month
Your LIBRARY card is a great way to manage what you spend at the club and for entertainment purposes. The card comes with its own backend website login where you can see what you have purchased and you can also top up funds on the card. Use of the card within the club will give you an automatic 10% off your food and drinks and 20% on hotel stay. Should you travel and use your card at reciprocal clubs around the world, you will also receive a discount of up to 10%...

The partner retailers and benefits list is dynamic and will increase as we grow

To receive a full list of current benefits and partner retailers - please Contact Us

We will circulate a list of all the benefits and partner retailers with each new membership pack

NB* - A £50 pre-loaded card is only available where no other discounts have been applied i.e. on a full price membership

Mastercard & LIBRARY terms and conditions apply and are available upon request and in each new membership pack