Introducing: ‘AM I’ An exhibition of work by Aphrodite Papadatou & Eve La Lune

A Conversation with Aphrodite Papadatou

Talk us through your creative process...

I paint people - my muses.  Those that I have a spiritual affinity with.  The hearth of my creative  process is my experience of our interaction.  Hanging out; just being together. I take pictures of moments. I have hundreds of pictures which are records of these experiences.  I base my drawing and painting images on those records, as well as on my visual memory of these interactions. So keeping photographic records is the first integral part of my creative process, as is internalising the experience of interactions. I start by sketching images and compositions and then I transfer the ideas on canvas, if I am painting.  Of course I have different processes for other media I use, for example my mixed media printing process is very ad hoc and free and it focuses on the satisfaction I get from the tools I use to create it. The process of printing unique images, painted and etched on plates, using manually operated intaglio process, the pleasure I get when I etch plates and scratch in marks on smooth surfaces. The sheers experimentation of the analogue, mono printing technique. I am quite anarchic with my processes, whatever medium I work on, but there is method in the madness I think!

What inspires your work?

The sunset in Greece and the colours of its sea and sky. Resilience in people. The face of adversity and the peace that comes from our battles. London - I am a romantic about it. Reclaiming it inspires me. Living it at as many levels of its society as I can. Urban rambling. Old School Soho. Ancient Greek tragedy and comedy. German expressionism. Lovers and friends.  All these are in my daydreams.   

Tell us something no one else knows about you?

Someone knows something, but no one everything.  Although a few nearly do!

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be and why?

Right here where I am.  Because I always am where I like to be. My head structures the rest! I do love being free and naked with a cocktail in a Greek Island nonetheless!

What can we expect from your up coming exhibition at LIBRARY?

To be moved, in one way or another.  To stir up your heart and guts. It's raw love!

‘AM I’ An exhibition of work by Aphrodite Papadatou and Eve La Lune open's at LIBRARY Thursday May 5th through to Saturday May 28th.