LIBRARY Announces Murder at the Library: A Classic Murder Mystery Dining Experience

LIBRARY Announces Murder at the Library: A Classic Murder Mystery Dining Experience

Join us at LIBRARY London for an evening packed with clues, plot twists, suspicious suspects, and surprises. We've teamed with Moonstone Theatre to bring you a unique murder mystery dining experience which includes a luxurious 1930s-inspired menu.


The year is 1935 and members of the LIBRARY London Secret Supper Club have gathered for an evening of decadence and luxury, as politicians, artists and elites of the city sit shoulder to shoulder to discuss the on-goings of the country’s capital. However, one chair sits empty, Chairman Sir Charles Atherton is nowhere to be found. Horror strikes as Detective Inspector Jonathan Rutherford arrives to inform the collective that their beloved Chairman was found dead this morning in his study and, after an initial examination, foul play is at hand.


Detective Inspector Rutherford has called upon the supper club to help crack the case before it’s to late, he has narrowed it down to four potential suspects.


You are the detectives and, it’s your job to catch the killer before they strike again.

Bespoke cocktail provided upon arrival.



Smoked pigeon breast, celeriac & grain mustard remoulade




Roasted root vegetables with tahini dressing (veg)


Wine Pairing: Pinot Noir, Les Montes de St Lay, Cotes Charite, Serge Dagueneau, 2015 (Expressive aromas and thrillingly pure bitter sweet red forest fruit and cherry flavours.)




Wild boar striploin with wild mushrooms, Madeira reduction & fresh juniper




Wild mushrooms tart (veg)


Wine Pairing: Beaujolais, Clos des Vieux Marronniers, 2016 (Light, aromatic and fruity.)




Scallops with parmesan tuile, artichoke mousse & coriander oil




Wild nettles salad (veg)


Wine Pairing: Pencarrow Sauvignon Blanc, 2015 (Dry and medium-bodied with flavours of passionfruit, pepper and herbs.)




Lobster tail, black sesame, sponge oyster leaf with garlic bure blanc




Zucchini pecorino & monk’s beards samphire (veg)


Wine Pairing: Chardonnay Reserve, Ochagavia, 2016 (A mildly complex, intense and very pleasant wine.)




Chocolate mascarpone torte with popping candy (veg)




Blackberry & Apple Crumble


Wine Pairing: Exaltation, Tokaji, Muscat, Nyulaszo, Holdvolgy, 2014 (An extraordinary complexity and elegance, with notes of rose, lychee and white-petaled flower fruit.)








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*Vegetarian equivalents are also available.