The menu of the stars - Alesso Piras

The menu of the stars - Alesso Piras



A Sardinian native, 40 year old Alessio Piras moved to London in 2001, with the dream of bringing  a slice of LA Costa Smeralda to capital’s finest restaurants.

Working up the ranks, Piras has managed to amass a wealth of experience at some of the best Italian restaurants and Members clubs, such as Shoreditch House and Cecconis among others.

All of these remarkable opportunities allowed him to constantly grow and challenge himself in his cooking - to not only to deliver exquisite dishes but also to inspire and influence people with love for Italian food.

When he is not in the kitchen, doing what he loves, Piras can be found travelling the world in search of remote destinations, discovering new ways to create the best dishes that Italian cuisine has to offer.


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