Members Spotlight: Allan Banford



LIBRARY member and award winning artist Allan Banford is a creative on multiple levels. As well as being a talented DJ, Banford produces vibrant and fascinating art using a multitude of mediums including paintings, video and installation art. His recently launched solo exhibition THE KING OF SECOND CHANCES, currently on display at the club, reflects his personal journey of self discovery through life experiences with unexpected outcomes. We found out more about the man behind the art:


What motivated you to start producing art?


The power of materialise my creative thoughts 



What is the main concept behind your artwork?


Feeling and emotions, as far my artwork make that impact on the viewer.



What inspired this concept?


The emptiness of modern art.



Did you draw from any life experiences when producing these paintings?


Most of my painting are influenced by personal situations and experiences.



What ideas do you hope to invoke in the people that view your artwork?


I would like to invoke an affinity with the feeling and emotions I'm materialising.



Do you intend to continue to produce music and DJ or is art now your main focus?


Yes, I'm launching a compilation album next year.



Do you have any plans for future projects?


Sculpture and live installation will be the next step.




See images from the launch event back in November below