The Confectionary Art Of Annabel De Vetten



How would you like to take a hearty bite out of a human heart? Would prefer to crunch your way through a coffin or suck on some skulls? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are going to want to know about this particular creepy culinary creator. Annabel de Vetten unites hedonism and horror in her delicious and morbid horror themed chocolate and cake art. In the Conjurer's Kitchen Annabel thrives on the weird and wonderful, creating cakes and chocolates that are unlike any you've seen before. Ranging from anatomical to downright disturbing, Annabel's creations are macabre at its best and a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.





Available for commissions with the motto 'nothing is too weird for the Conjurer's Kitchen', if her terrifying treats are to your tastes then her next creation could be yours (or you could just do as we do and stare longingly at pictures of her deliciously demonic desserts on her website). This Halloween Annabel de Vetten is the perfect artist to look at for inspiration for terrifying treats.




Words by Alicia Hempsted