Asad Raza's Exhibition At Frieze 2015



At this year's Frieze fair there is no shortage of exciting and innovative artists making their contribution to the events. One of the particular themes of this year's fair is interactive installations - art that offers the viewers an immersive experience that incorporates multiple senses - and one installation in particular that we think you might want to look out for is Asad Raza's. Raza has been the co-producer of many great interactive projects such as These associations for London Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall and This progress at the New York Guggenheim Museum, and now he is dedicating his talents towards producing an exciting exhibition for the Frieze festival. 


You might find it as quite a shock to make your way through the back of the Frieze London bookshop and find yourself suddenly wandering into an ancient cave, but that is exactly what Raza intends to do. Taking inspiration from the caves of worship of the Greek god Pan, Raza's exhibition will entail a traversable environment for viewers to explore and discover unexpectedly as an analogy of the re-discovering of history. His exhibition realises a bond between the rituals that took place in caves and the rituals performed at exhibitions and seeks in his project to help unite the past with the present as well as address humanity's impression on its environment and vice versa. It is sure to be a stimulating and enthralling experience that we are all looking forward to seeing. 


Words by Alicia Hempsted