SABATTA In LIBRARY- A Transformative Experience



Sabatta, London's newest sensation when it comes to innovative bands, is coming to Library on 9th of September, we asked the frontman Yinka Oyewole to tell us a bit more about his band and inspiration behind it.


What is Sabatta, describe it in one sentence?


Sabatta is a 3 piece band (Yinka - vocals/guitar, Debbie - Bass, Adriano - Drums) that makes Grunge Soul - a beautiful collision of everything in between those two genres.





What inspires you?


The cornucopia of all the emotions, experiences, revelations and devastations that make up life. I write about what I see and feel, some of it is going to be profound some of it is going to blow away in the wind.


What are you reading at the moment?


I’ve recently read The Vulture by Gil Scott-Heron and a translation of Beowulf by Kevin Crossley-Holland.





What  can we expect from LIBRARY gig?


You can expect the exposure of my soul as my band and I communicate directly to you, with a great deal of passion. In such a intimate setting expect it to be very, very intense! It is a transformative experience.