Godet, 462 Years Of Adventure



Cognac Godet is the story of three brothers and a father who continue a fifteen generation tradition of cognac crafting, in La Rochelle, meeting point of their two passions – sailing and cognac. In oak barrels they nurture the family secret as well as a way of life enriched by cognac.


Today, the Godet family, still based in La Rochelle, is one of the world's oldest cognac makers and the Godet brand is the oldest family-run cognac house. They have retained a faithful vision, loyal to Cognac's origins, focused on the art of tasting, sensorial pleasures, a modern witness to a timeless way of life.





 "As a brand ambassador for the cognac Godet, I would like to share with you my passion for this amazing spirit during a special event.


Nowadays, the cognac is often misinterpreted. People have in mind that this is a strong spirit for men only, after dinner during Christmas time.


That’s why we have decided to create an exclusive event for women only, because I am convinced that this delicate spirit can be as well a great companion for women.


You will have the opportunity to discover the cognac from another angles :


As a refreshing cocktail with our icy Antarctica; paired with some delicious chocolates or simply neat to discover the complexity of this eau de vie. " - Pauline Raffaitin, the Brand Ambassador and a LIBRARY member.


A special LIBRARY Cognac Godet event is planned for 13th of September.


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