Mixing Adventure With Luxury Lifestyle: Verve Rally

Mixing adventure with luxury lifestyle, Verve Rally is reshaping 
the boundaries of the luxury car rally.

Female friendly and carbon neutral, the nine-day event will involve car enthusiasts cruising along some of Europe's most expressive open roads. But this is not a challenge of speed or endurance. 

“A race is a timed event. A rally is two or more cars sharing an adventure.”





While the demographic of most rallies contains less than 20% women, Darshana (co-founder of Verve Rally) is anticipating that at least 35-50% of the Ververs will be female: “We've been finding that many men want to take their other half or friends, but the women have been put off by traditional race-type rallies. Plus there are many women who, like me, want to follow their own pace but also share the experience with other luxury car lovers.”


Most Ververs drive their own pride and joy, but a wide range of rides are available through the rally's partnership with a prestigious car hire company. Think an Aston Martin Vanquish elegantly traversing the Gotthard Pass through the Swiss Alps, a Lamborghini Gallardo 560-4 Spyder sweeping along the shores of Lake Como, or opening up a Porsche 997 Turbo on the German autobahn. 


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Join the Verve Rally social event at Library on 16 June 2016.