Library Bar-The Heart And The Soul

Library Bar-The Heart And The Soul

The heart and the soul of every club is its bar. And behind every successful  bar is successful staff, the people that create the place, its atmosphere and uniqueness. 



We asked Jakub Pesko, the LIBRARY bar manager to share with us the secret of irresistible charm of  LIBRARY bar. 


Who is the perfect LIBRARY bar staff ?

Anyone who's keen, want to learn, see the hospitality a little bit differently is more than welcome to join our small team. Our place has no strongly defined duties for every position. We're all floating, helping each other, we all know what are the duties of each department and we know how to perform them. We are a small family and a potential candidate should be ready to be part of it.



What inspires you the most in your work?

Diversity. The fact that every day can bring something new. That every day I am facing new tasks and learn new skills, improving at the same time  what I have learnt the previous day.



What kind of  brands you chose for LIBRARY bar?

The Library uses premium and top premium brands but fuses styles from all over the world. Of course because of a historical background of the place, British heritage is a core here, combined however with other cultures and origins. We've got a nice selection of Navy Rums, Gins, and Whiskies that pay tribute to the British spirit industry, but on the flip side we mix them with numbers of Italian and French Vermouth, Amaros or fortifieds that completes our multicultural character. 

Any recommendation when it comes to cocktails and drinks?

Before making any suggestions I always try to get to know my guest, find something in common, understand his/her habits and preferences. Then, based on that knowledge I am able to suit into customer's expectations and deliver a perfect drink.



Discover LIBRARY bar in relaxed Friday atmosphere. 


P.O.E.T.S (Piss-Off-Early-Tomorrow-is-Saturday) is taking place every Friday from 5pm to 7pm when members can enjoy complimentary drinks.


Members only, no need to RSVP