LIBRARY WORLD MUSIC is a series of events dedicated to  exotic sounds from all over the planet.


This time LIBRARY WORLD MUSIC presents ORPHEA, a project by Jovana Backovic and Jasmina Stosic, focusing on contemporary and creative approach to traditional singing and melodies from The Balkans.  


The evening will explore the symbolism of bird song in traditional melodies and what does it mean to interpret the disappearing oral tradition in contemporary urban context.



Jasmina Stosic is a actress/singer and transpersonal psychotherapist in training, with decades of experience working in professional theatre and as a folk singer.



Jovana Backovic Belgrade born composer/singer/academic, founded, composed for, organized and led the band Arhai in Belgrade from 1998 and their debut album ‘Mysterion’ was released in 2006 . When she moved in UK to complete her PhD thesis, she began her collaboration with British folk guitarist and tambura-player Adrian Lever and developed the current format of Arhai - generously supported by Arts Council of England. Jovana also composes music for feature and documentary movies. 



The ethereal evening of magical Balkan traditional a cappella singing , is coming to LIBRARY on 13th of August.


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