The Whole Kahani @LIBRARY

The Whole Kahani @LIBRARY


The Whole Kahani  kicked off 2017 with a fabulous gig at LIBRARY on 24 January.


The full house and great ambience meant that we really enjoyed our readings from Love Across A Broken Map. We then had to field a wide-ranging and incisive set of questions from the audience; some of which almost stumped us.



Members of the collective who read on this evening were: Kavita A. Jindal, Mona Dash, Farrah Yusuf, Radhika Kapur, Shibani Lal, and Reshma Ruia.



The Whole Kahani is a collective of British fiction writers of South Asian origin. Writers are from a mix of ethnicities, cultures and religions. They came together as a group to provide a creative perspective that straddles boundaries, both emotional and geographical.



Love Across A Broken Map, their volume of short stories has had rave reviews. From London to Goa, Manchester to Mumbai, the book spans virtual gigolos, girl crushes, obsessive fans and astrological mishaps. Love is celebrated and forgotten; embraced and mourned in this anthology.


LIBRARY is looking forward to welcome The Whole Kahani again, and in the meantime the books are available at LIBRARY bookshop.