British Black Classical Foundation@LIBRARY


British Black Classical Foundation is bringing to LIBRARY a night of amazing opera singing to celebrate Black History Month!


We didn’t miss this opportunity to have a mini interview with Vincent E.M.Osborne Founder & Artistic Director Black British Classical Foundation.



Vincent was trained at Birmingham Theatre School as an Actor and Teacher of Speech and Drama, Vincent has worked extensively in repertory companies including The National Theatre, and the West End. Vincent was the creator of the first Black Soap Opera - "Brothers and Sisters" on BBC2. Now a campaigner, The Black British Classical Foundation is a continuation and expansion of the work Vincent began in those early days, and is now set to culminate in the Voice Of Black Opera.



Tell us please how did you become interested in Opera and Classical music?

From the age of five I started piano lessons back in St. Kitts, arriving in England in 1960 continued and at the age of around 11 each Sunday I was playing for about four different churches  and six services each day. Home life, there was a great selection of music, Saturdays Nat King Cole, Joe Tex  and on Sundays Mahalia Jackson & Jim Reeves     was the order of the day. My first record that my parents gave me was Swan Lake and Nutcracker. Each year I went to the Alexander Theatre                       
Birmingham to see the D'oyly Carte in Gilbert & Sullivan productions.........I was hooked!


What is the main goal of BBCF and what are you particularly proud of?


The Black British Classical Foundation exist to tackle lack of ethnic diversity in the Opera world. To develop artists, create opportunities and inspire participation (from audiences as well as performers). To open the ears of potential employers, to open up roles that challenge and surprise ethnic talent (rather than sideline them into the same old stereotypes), to open minds and push all our expectations higher.I take pride in the amount of BAME audiences that attend our productions, showing that if they are made to feel welcome and there is someone on the stage that reflects them, one will get the support.  



What does Black History Month mean for you?


It is a pity that it is for one month only as Black History should be an ongoing all year event!However as much as I dislike the pigeon holing  it is still better than nothing. For me it is always interesting to see the amount of events also the diversity of the productions that are on offer. We have such a rich feast in October then famine  for the rest of the year!


What can we expect from the Library event?


The opportunity to hear two very interesting voices, and a young classical guitarists.




More about the event BBCF@LIBRARY that will take place on 20th of October, find out here