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The guest of our next LIBRARY SALON is Mark Farid a conceptual artists, who investigates the perceived autonomy of the individual, examining the ethics of performing in social situations in an effort to further understand how the state, and new technologies, prescribe the identity of the individual.




“The illusion of autonomy presented to us is in simple, unimportant choices. What model of car? How we shall arrange our living room? Which football team we support? We take for granted that 21st Century Britain is domesticated 21st Century Britain, and we forget how unnatural that is. We submerse ourselves in manufactured audio, sound, and touch. We believe that this fiction to be the truth, because it is the only experience we know of. We assume the physical world is the real world and at this point the simulation becomes life. We are standing in Plato’s cave, facing the walls and giving names to enough shadows that we are beginning to believe that this is it, oblivious to the fire and life outside."


Join Mark Farid at LIBRARY SALON on 27th of July


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