Imad Yassin-Kindness, Kindness And More Kindness

Imad Yassin-Kindness, Kindness And More Kindness

We are delighted to invite you to an evening with Chairman of Idris Foundation, Imad Yassin a multilingual global resident and a LIBRARY member. Ahead of this well anticipated evening we asked Imad too tell us more about himself and Idris Foundation.



Tell us please what is the mission of the organisation, how did you as a scientist get involved in charity work?

Idris foundation is a nonprofit organisation that aims to help refugees in chronic displacement situations. We use exponential technologies to improve health  and education for these refugees. 


Thanks to my parents, charity has always been an important value in our household. Both my parents strongly believe in sharing what we have with those in greater need and they instilled this belief in me and my siblings from a young age. 
When my father passed away I found out that he funded a number of projects in aid of refugees, what was truly remarkable was the fact that he never spoke of this. My siblings and I got together and decided to start a Foundation in his name (Idris) not only to continue funding those projects but we really wanted his kindness and generosity to spread and reach more and more refugees in need. 


In our early days we were shocked to discover the magnitude of the global refugee crisis. Today it is estimated that about 26 million people are displaced but this has not put us off, in fact we learned very quickly that we can all make a difference and we can be impactful with very little.



What are your favourite projects in the past and what are you working on now?

Well, any act that makes someone in need smile and gives hope is a favourite of mine but more specifically, on my first ever visit we were able to help a blind person regain his sight. No words can describe the joy I felt at that moment.
What inspired me the most was his humility and gratitude when we first met him, all he asked for was to help him by building a toilet so he doesn't have to ask his wife for assistance every time he needed to go. Seeing him now amongst his eight children walking and working is magical. 

We are currently working on building digital classrooms in some of the schools within the refugee camps which is going to have a huge impact on the educational front. It will also make it very easy for people to volunteer. Today asking someone to volunteer to teach involves taking time off work and traveling all the way to the camps but if I was a to tell you that you are able volunteer by logging into your computer at home, how wonderful would that be?



In your opinion, what are the most important things we as humanity should understand and do, so we all live a better, and more equal life on this planet?

Kindness, kindness and more kindness. When we begin to act with kindness towards one another a lot will change in this world and I don't mean just among humans but among all living beings, our planet needs us to be kind. The way we currently live is not sustainable and if we don't change quickly we may struggle to recover.

What can we expect from your talk at LIBRARY?

To inspire people to get involved and make a difference, it does not matter if it's through Idris Foundation or any other charity. You don't have to give up your day job to do what we are doing. Technology is making it easier than ever before for people to help even from the comfort of their own homes.


Imad Yassin, will give his talk in LIBRARY on 26th of September, with the beginning at 7pm. 


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