Angie Stone Brings Love Party To LIBRARY


Angie Stone, a famed singer, MC, self-taught keyboardist, and prolific songwriter, first claim to fame was her membership in the Sequence, an all-female trio that recorded for pioneering hip-hop label Sugar Hill, beginning with the 1979 single "Funk You Up." Several years later, she re-emerged as the lead vocalist for Vertical Hold, where she scored with the smooth urban dance track "Seems You're Much Too Busy," a Top 40 R&B hit during the summer of 1993 that led to very productive solo career. With the release of her 1999 solo debut, she became one of neo-soul's leading lights, providing sharp insight into romantic relationships with her smoky yet up-front voice.



Stone, a native of Columbia, South Carolina, began singing gospel music at a young age at First Nazareth Baptist Church. Her father, a member of a local gospel quartet, would take his only child to see performances by gospel artists such as the Singing Angels and the Gospel Keynotes. During her youth, she wrote poetry, played sports, and, after high-school graduation, was offered college basketball scholarships. While working dead-end jobs, Stone began saving money to record her own demos at a local studio called PAW.


Since then Angie Stone became one of Soul’s most revered Divas, and has been nominated for three Grammy Awards, has four top 10 albums, including a number one, and sold over 20 million albums worldwide. 


Angie Stone will joins us at LIBRARY to host Angie's "STONE LOVE” Party for her London family and friends, on 28th of June.


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