Buffalo Trail Comes To LIBRARY For London Cocktail Week



For over 200 years, the Buffalo Trace distillery has been committed to crafting the finest bourbon whiskey. Revered by experts worldwide for the passion and dedication behind the historic distilling process, Buffalo Trace is well-deserving of the title of ‘world’s most award-winning distillery.’ To celebrate London Cocktail Week, LIBRARY will be serving signature Buffalo Trace Julips from the 5th October to 10th October.



60ml Buffalo Trace
20ml sugar cane
9 mint leaves
4 dashes of Angostura bitters



Real Buffalo Trace enthusiasts will also be pleased to hear that this Wednesday, LIBRARY will play host to the Buffalo Trail, a unique way to experience Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Between 6pm and 11pm, enjoy a delicious three-course meal accompanied by a series of bespoke Buffalo Trace cocktails that have been created by the experts to perfectly complement each course. 


Guests can also expect to be amongst the few to sample the highly-anticipated Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, a range of five highly-regarded, award-winning whiskeys from the iconic distillery. 




Words by Grace Cain