Introducing LIBRARY's New Resident Chef Gavin Lambert

Introducing LIBRARY's New Resident Chef Gavin Lambert


Born in Eastbourne, Gavin Lambert has over 16 years of professional kitchen experience and has worked in and managed large restaurants, bistros and hotels, as well as small personal spaces. He spent a year overseeing the operations of the kitchen at Me Hotel's Radio Kitchen and spent over 5 years at Elk in the Wood. Now embarking on a new venture as LIBRARY's new resident chef, Gavin shares some insight into the restaurant's new menu and what inspires him to cook.



Tell us about the new food menu at LIBRARY?


The new menu is based around modern British cuisine - a good combination of seasonable produce, fresh clear flavours and clean presentation.



Was there anything in particular you had in mind when putting it together?


The main concept that I wanted from the menu was to have dishes that would appeal to as many of our guest as possible. Using recognisable flavour combinations. The concept of the restaurant is rotating cookbooks with guest resident author chefs - so our food concept is always going go be food you can make yourself at home.



What is your favourite dish on the menu?


My personal favourite dish is the pan fried sea bass. All the ingredients taste great individually but are then all brought together by the lentil vinaigrette.


Are there any ingredients you are obsessed with at the moment?


I'm eating loads of fresh sardines at home at the moment just kept really simple, grilled with a bit of chilli and lemon. I particularly like making everything fresh from scratch and locally sourced - so I am always experimenting with ingredients to give everything a twist or surprise. Sometimes its just about combining things that you know and use all the time but wouldn't necessarily put them together.



What inspires you to cook?


I love making accessible food for people to enjoy what they eat, giving them something to think or talk about - an experience rather than just eating for the sake of eating. Which is what makes the concept of St Luke's Kitchen particularly interesting - each time we launch a new cookbook not only will I have to work on different menus and ingredients, but also alongside Chefs that will bring with them their innovation and enthusiasm to our menu and this should greatly enhance not only my skill set but also the overall food experience at LIBRARY.



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