Illustrations Of 'A Christmas Carol'

Charles Dickens's story A Christmas Carol has been adapted and interpreted through almost every art form. It's been reimagined into plays, films, operas, radio dramatisations and graphic novels, inspiring a multitude of literary sequels and television specials. It is the ultimate Christmas story. To show our appreciation for the Christmas classic we've compiled a list of five different illustrated versions by five different illustrators, each putting their own unique visual spin on the story:




John Leech



John Leech was the first artist to illustrate A Christmas Carol. Using the technique of hatching he created depth and shadow by overlapping layers of lines, creating both subtle and dramatic contrasts that demonstrate his precision and patient approach to his art.




Arthur Rackham



Arthur Rackham was one of the masters of fairytale illustration. Typical to his usual style, his illustrations range from dramatic and defined to light hearted and soft.




Anton Pieck



Dutch artist Anton Franciscus Pieck's illustrations of Dickens's novel vary between whimsically vibrant and darkly sinister, representing brilliantly the ups and downs of the story.




P. J. Lynch



Irish artist Patrick James Lynch's style is fantastic in terms of scale and detail, with every tiny texture devotedly refined. His illustrations of the morbid moments of Dickens's story are truly haunting and dark.




Ronald Searle




British artist and satirical cartoonist Ronald Searles was the creator of the famous comic strip series 'St Trinian's School'. His scratchy, edgy style is highly distinctive and his illustrations of A Christmas Carol are absolutely one of a kind; quirky and playful but still loyal to the story's darker elements.





Words by Alicia Hempsted