Celebrating Edmund Dulac



If you are an appreciator of fairytales, watercolour paintings, or illustrated literature then you have more than likely seen the work of Edmund Dulac before. We at LIBRARY would like to pay a small tribute to this brilliant artist for his birthday on October 22nd. Born in Toulouse in 1882, Dulac has created elegant illustrations for such works as the stories of Hans Christian Anderson, Arabian Nights, the collected works of the Bronte sisters and Shakespeare's The Tempest that have become iconic for their intricacy and dynamism.





Somewhere between realism, idealism and fantasy, his illustrations are a mesmerising mixture of angelic, flawless women, hideous monsters and astoundingly vivid scenery and textures. Inspired by and inspiring in turn the illustrations of Arthur Rackham, Dulac's unique watercolour interpretations of classic stories enriched the tales we all know and love and gave new life to our favourite characters. Just looking at his illustrations of The Little Mermaid and Beauty and The Beast give the stories a whole new depth and context. A survivor of two world wars, Dulac continued to paint until his final days. His illustrations are one of the reasons why, even when we grow up, we still treasure the stories of our childhood.