Members Spotlight: Helen Bromovsky



The story of LIBRARY member Helen Bromovsky is filled with strength and passion. After tragically losing her husband to meningitis five years ago, Helen and her three daughters have demonstrated immense courage and perseverance. Since her first shop in Kensington, The Cube Collection, Helen's designs and interests have continued to grow and develop as much as she has. On the 18th LIBRARY hosted the launch party of The Ottoman Collection. This collection is a culmination of years worth of work and inspired by a journey through central Europe to Turkey. There is a merging of East and West in her beautifully designed and tailored jellabas and kimonos. The styles are classic but also contemporary, combining modern couture with history and culture. They bend the barriersof conventional aesthetics and bring elegance and simplicity together with sensitive detailing.





Very much a philanthropist, Helen Bromovsky locally sources the high quality wools, linens and silks for her designs and donates a percentage of the profits from The Ottoman Collection to the charity 'Meningitis Now' as well as organises funds and projects for other charitable causes. Each year The Ottoman Collection will produce two collections of beautiful clothes and accessories, perfect for any occasion. Her ageless designs are one of a kind and establish a new form of fashion. 




Words by Alicia Hempsted