Member Spotlight: Jane Gomez



As part of our celebration of this year's International Women's Day, we chat with LIBRARY member and Director of Prelude Group Jane Gomez, who is on a mission is to help make Britain the most enterprising nation in the world. We learn about what makes an entrepreneur, challenges faced by CEOs and business owners, what keeps Jane inspired, and what is at the top of her bucket list. 


Tell us about The Supper Club.


The Supper Club is a membership club exclusively for founders and CEO's of high growth businesses, who join to meet like-minded peers and share the ups and downs of their journey. The ethos is give and get, so everyone joins to support each other, hence it becomes a virtuous circle with huge value for everyone involved.



What do you think makes an entrepreneur? 


There are a number of qualities and no 'one size fits all' trait, but certainly common attributes are passion, determination, the feeling that there's nothing else they could be doing (they're unemployable!) and sheer bloody mindedness! I could go on and add excitable and often slightly bonkers but I'll stop there!



What are the biggest challenges faced by CEOs and business owners?


Without a doubt it's the feeling that it's lonely at the top. Often, no one has taught them how to run a business and they can feel they're 'winging' it at times. It's comforting to speak to others and know that on the whole, everyone else is as well!

From a business growth point of view, the biggest challenge is people. Finding people at all levels who are the right cultural fit, perform to the right level and can handle an entrepreneur are hard to find! The responsibility of the teams' livelihoods is in the hands of the business owner and that is incredibly stressful.



How do you stay inspired?


By the conversations I have every single day. We support people who are doing incredible things, who think differently and are actually making it happen. That's inspiring! How can you be lazy or bored when you're talking to people who have so much energy and are making their dreams happen?!

Also the feedback I get. When we put on an amazing event or a member tells us that a connection has had a significant impact on their business or one of the team gets glowing feedback from a member, I could absolutely burst!



Tell us what's at the top of your bucket list right now?


I'm training (loosely speaking) to cycle from Paris to Geneva in September (if anyone wants to join me and a handful of our members?!) so I'm focused on that right now. From a business point of view, I want us to support every single entrepreneur in this country in some way or another, whether that's through the Club or simply getting some of our insight and knowledge to them to help their journey, that would be incredible.



Do you have a motto? If so please share with us.


'Give and Get' and 'Respect people's time'