The King Of Second Chances - Allan Banford's Solo Exhibition At LIBRARY



A creative on multiple levels, DJ and international artist Allan Banford continues to impress with each new project. As well as being a talented DJ, Banford produces vibrant and fascinating art using a multitude of mediums including paintings, video and installation art. His latest series of abstract and figurative paintings that have been in production for the last year will be displayed as part of a solo exhibition hosted by LIBRARY on the 26th, followed by a live DJ set by the artist himself.





Banford's art represents the recording of perception and consciousness. His abstract paintings focus on the sealing of reality within memory, capturing the essence of isolated moments. Combining elements of automatism, abstraction and kinaesthetic art, Banford's paintings are an expression of a distinct separation between consciousness and reality. Within each painting there can be found distinguishable forms that are warped by motion and perspective. Rich in colour and texture, his conceptual art possesses a hypnotic quality, not only capturing movement but translating it so that the created images take on the qualities of motion and movement themselves. His engaging artwork and vivacious music is sure to make a great combination in this exciting event. 





Words by Alicia Hempsted