Members Spotlight: Madeleine Mason



LIBRARY member Madeleine Mason is director and co-founder of the dating and relationships experts company PassionSmiths. Passionate about helping others and with extensive training and experience under her belt, Madeleine offers her expertise to couples and singles looking to improve their love life. Madeleine was shortlisted for the Dating Expert of the Year award at the UK Dating Awards 2015 and is a finalist for best dating coach at the iDate Awards 2016. 



What is the main focus of PassionSmiths?


Our main focus is on helping singles get the most out of their dating and couples get the most out of their relationships. 



How did it begin?


It all began when I was attending various networking events and found that people mostly wanted to talk about dating and relationships, either why it was so difficult to meet someone or why relationships were failing.



What do you work to achieve?


Our vision is for everyone (who wants to) to be in lasting, fulfilling relationships.



How do you help your clients?


We help people understand their blind spots and any unintended pattern that block the way to successful relationships.



How has your background in psychology influenced your coaching? 



Psychology contributes to understanding how the mind works, what tools can be used to identify and tease out unwanted behaviours and spot patterns that people struggle to change. It's amazing what can be achieved in a personalised coaching session.



What general advice would you give to someone tackling the dating scene?


Be kind to yourself and try to keep [dating] fun. There isn't any syllabus at school on the topic, so it's very much trial and error. Should you get stuck, don't be afraid to reach out for help, whether that be via a matchmaker, dating coach, self help books, seminars or workshops. Either way, get out there. Meet people. The world is your oyster.



Madeleine Mason hosts events for PassionSmiths at LIBRARY. To register your interest please contact bookeeper.