Marvyn Halfon: Travelling Identities Exhibition


What inspires your work?


The main inspiration of my work is the infinite beauty of our planet. Having traveled over 40 countries, I felt the need to find a medium to share my journey across the world with as many people as possible. 

Furthermore, memories often fade away as time passes, and this inspired me to create this travelling diary, composed of unique moments that would be remembered through a single and powerful shot. Photography helps me to reconnect with the moments I lived; to experience once again each smile, tear, laughter I encountered; to transform the ephemeral into the eternal. 



How do you choose which mediums to work with?


 Photography came quite naturally to me when I organised my first trip in India two years ago. I needed a medium that would fit the way I wanted to transcribe my journeys as I was experiencing them on the road. 

I believe it is a great tool to "freeze" a unique moment in time and share it in an accessible way with others. 



What can guests expect from your current exhibition at LIBRARY?


 The first thing they can expect is a visual journey across Africa, India and Asia. As they walk past my photographs, I hope they will travel back with me to these wonderful places and feel the emotions born from these unique moments. 

Each photograph carry so much more than just an image; It has its own story, emotion and character which I hope guests will experience as they visit this exhibition. 



 If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be and why?


 In Luxor, Egypt. This is a place with such a rich and mystical history that I've dreamt to photograph for years. Capturing the beauty of the Nile while visiting remnants of Ancient Egypt is a childhood dream.




Marvyn Halfon: Travelling Identities exhibition at LIBRARY, 24th March - 26th April 2016