Art Spotlight: Maya Mijovic & Adam Hynes

The work of Maya Mijovic and Adam Hynes gives a celebratory, humorous and critical depiction of European historical identity and today’s world.





Maya’s paintings are intimate, humorous and almost voyeuristic portraits of prominent politicians, sports personalities, as well as ordinary people in their everyday soundings. Her outstanding usage of colours gives an unique signature and reflective outlook of the world today and our place in it.   


Adam’s sculptures are portraits of wonderfully liberal, well fed and well armed people using the aesthetic currency which has persisted through the ages from classical Greeks to the superheroes of American comic books. It is directly inspired by the artists time spent sculpting and commercially producing prototype superheroes and super villains, often using prints of Greek and Roman sculpture as reference.





Maya Mijovic and Adam Hynes will present their work at LIBRARY on the 22nd of January 2016.

Guests will be able to view their work from 2pm. The main event, including a talk with the artists will start at 7pm, followed by a performance from 2015 BAFTA winner Jessica Hynes and her new bandmates Cevanne Horrocks-Hopyain and Calum Gourlay.