Artist In Residence: Morris Monroe



From the 15th February - 18th March 2016, artist Robert Morris (Monroe) takes up residency at LIBRARY to present a collection of works entitled ‘I can not be me without you’. We catch up with Morris to find out more about the man behind the art and what guests can expect from the exhibition.



What inspires your work?


I find inspiration for my art work from many different sources both physical and non-physical. As well as a being driven to explore the world through paint, colour, space and form, I have reignited my love of the sciences and now also the esoteric. Physics and the mechanics of energy are areas I particularly find exciting and the conceptualisation of meta-physical theories is apparent throughout my work. Philosophy is also another new passion of mine which is now beginning to inform my discourse along with my research in to the practice of meditation and mindfulness.

Within the show of work I present, I like to take big theoretical ideas and contemplations, play with ways in which I can represent my responses to these ideas in a visual way, and then break the visual concepts down into simple statements that contain a depth of conversation to impact on the viewer. My aim is to stimulate contemplation and conversation for the audience.

On a material level level, I am inspired by the Masters; Schiele, Bacon and Carravaggio, for my figurative work. My passion drives me to explore mark-making with line in an intuitive way to create archetypes of emotional/meta-physical states. Turner, Monet, Kandinsky, Rothko and Richter all inform my abstract work and with the more abstract pieces. I explore the surface of the canvas as an area to manifest a concept of depth and space. 

I am inspired to inspire others, my thoughts and feelings are too much for me to contain within myself, the demand that I create, their source is the endless fountain which insist of me to be an artist.



How do you choose which mediums to work with?


I follow my desire and try to find the right medium for the work. On an emotional level the medium needs to empathise and enhance the work, what I am aiming to create, and the essence of the piece. If that mean learning something new, then that’s the way it has to be. Charcoal, oil-paints, performance, even sculpture, it’s appropriate for the medium to resonant the voice of the piece of work.





Tell us something that nobody else knows about you.


I am currently working on a book that I would like to publish next year. It’s an accessible ‘guide to’ book for 11-19yr olds (not exclusively), which will use simple quirky design to explain some of the biggest philosophical, theological, meta-physical concepts of our time. It will be educational and encourage and connect teenagers to further sources of reading. A kind of queue-jump for soul-searching for anyone who is tired of hanging out with the ego and want to get on the guest list of the ‘consciously awakened club’. The book will be presented in a light and non-serious format. Today we are clogged down with the verbosity and practice of too many ideas, for many, meditation, mindfulness, quantum-mechanics, the teachings of Kant, are all inaccessible due to there over complicating meaning that people find these area daunting. I want to help change all of this. Again, this is about inspiration, once you have sparked someone’s interested they become hooked to find out more for themselves.



If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be and why?


I would be in a (my own) artist studio painting, located somewhere by the sea, a warmer climate. I love the idea of painting outdoors as well. I was lucky enough to visit Mustique last summer. The island is so beautiful and a disconnection from all the distractions of the usual day-to-day life style. It was a perfect place to be creative, letting your energy flow.



What can guests expect from your current exhibition at LIBRARY?


Something inspiring, and something with depth and honesty, passionate emotion it is the presentation of a journey. A metaphor for what I feel humanity is experiencing. I feel humanity is experience the start of a shift from suffering into a new world view, a view with so much new potential. This show holds a conversation far deeper than the aesthetic or academic. As the artist I give clues to the viewer for them to direct their own way through the work and I think some parts of the show will speak to some people directly and others may just experience a hint of a feeling, a vague memory or idea. I would expect some interesting conversations about abstract concepts will be brought to the surface. My show will stimulate the imagination and causes ripples on the waters of the viewers’ emotions.




‘I can not be me without you’
An exhibition of work by Robert Morris (Monroe)
15th February - 18th March 2016


Private View
1st March 2016, from 6:30pm
Featuring a live acoustic performance by singer/songwriter Suchy Matthews
Drinks reception 6:30pm-7:30pm