Wangechi Mutu X Bottletop: An Ethical Fashion Initiative



Wangechi Mutu is a Kenya-born contemporary artist who uses collage, painting and performance to explore activist issues such as race, gender and personal identity in Africa today. Mutu is also founder of fundraising initiative Africa's Out! - 'a creative, dynamic, far-reaching platform to initiate and amplify radical ideas that fundamentally change the way we all engage with Africa as a continent and as an idea' - with particular focus on sexual health and the LGBTI community.


To celebrate Africa's Out! Mutu has collaborated with ethical design enterprise Bottletop, creating a line of bags and pouches designed to spark debate and conversation on the topic, entitled 'Art of Canvas'. Mutu's work usually includes surreal depictions such as tumours, ovaries and uterus's arranged into portraiture collages, or bloody mouths dripping gold, but the prints designed for the collection have been toned down to a scattered metallic butterfly logo representing freedom, power and beauty.






Words by Laura Sibbald