What Would Boudicca Do?

What Would Boudicca Do?

  • Elizabeth Foley & Beth Coates
  • £9

  • Everyday Problems Solved by History’s Most Remarkable Women
    Illustrated by Bijou Karmen

    Modern life can be troublesome. There is only so much mansplaining, body shaming, playing ‘nice’ and being underestimated that a girl can take. Women have been putting up with this kind of nonsense for centuries and resisting it for just as many. This book turns to the most celebrated women from history for advice.

    "What a boost this book is: if these amazing women did it, we certainly can. I might start driving a roller around Peckham with a pet cheetah like Josephine Baker!’"
    Olivia Colman

    "I loved this book’s irreverence. It sticks two fingers up to the idea of meek women and will introduce readers to some women they had no idea were quite so badass."
    Jess Philips, MP