Complimentary Day Pass

Complimentary Day Pass

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  • Your Day Pass gives you access to the club for the day that you request. A Day Pass enables you to use the facilities as a member of the club including attending events. You are able to invite up to 3 guests though they must purchase their own Day Pass and register it before arrival. The link for these is You must notify us with details of any guests you intend to bring once your pass has been approved so we can expect their arrival.

    NB* Please note each guest must have their own day pass. However, you can only use a complimentary day pass once. Should you wish to visit again -  you will need to purchase a day pass or apply for membership

    Should you wish to have more than 3 guests then please contact us and ask to speak to our events team. A day pass does not include access to full membership benefits such as discounted hotel rooms, access to global reciprocal clubs or complimentary theatre tickets.

    Once you submit your request, a member of our team will be in contact shortly to confirm your Day Pass. Please ensure you receive confirmation of activation before use of your Day Pass when you plan your visit to the club. The more notice you give us the better

    NB** Your Day Pass is not valid until it has been activated through receipt of an email confirmation from us to you.

    LIBRARY has the following facilities:

    . 24 Hour Concierge
    . Ground floor lounge with stage and bar
    . Showers
    . Kitchen with Chef’s table
    . Private Dining Room
    . Double mezzanine with bridge
    . Private meeting room and boardroom with conferencing facilities
    . Access to Library books

    Check out our full list of membership benefits or apply for membership

    We look forward to welcoming you at LIBRARY

    - Your Pass is non-transferable, however you are able to change the date of your desired visit once you receive confirmation.

    - Your Pass is valid during all opening hours of the club on the date confirmed subject to availability
    - We retain the right to refuse entry for any reason and you remain a non-member