Special Membership FAQ

1) How long is the membership for and when does it start?

It is an annual membership and automatically renews unless you give us a month’s cancellation notice at the end of the first year. This must be in writing with a ‘minimum’ of one months notice. Membership and renewal is a 12 month contract with no cancellation. Your membership starts on the day that you receive confirmation from us. You can start using the club even if you are still waiting for your membership card and you can start accumulating points. We endeavor to complete all membership applications within two weeks. Confirmation means that your application is fully approved and we have your details in our system. We will notify you when your card is ready to collect. Your commitment to meet your membership conditions starts on the 1st of the following month from your sign up date. E.g. if you sign up on 01 March - your conditions kick in on 01 April. The same rule applies if you sign up on the 31 March - your conditions will kick in on 01 April and we will usually always confirm membership within 2 weeks. Your renewal date will be on your membership confirmation date but exactly a year later.

2) How does it work exactly?

The way this works is that membership is normally £1100 including your joining fee. We have discounted this to a one off £195 fee provided you use the club for anything from attending events (we have events daily ranging from booking readings to live music), coming in for quiet time, meetings, drinks, using the restaurant or staying in the hotel at least twice a month (not on the same day) and spend at least £10 on each visit. Should you fail to come in twice a month and spend a minimum of £10 (excluding service) on each visit - we will charge you another £95 for that month only. So in theory if you miss the terms for 6months - you will still only pay about £570 for the year as opposed to the full membership and thats only if you miss half the year. This offer is designed for people that need a space they can regularly use for meetings or work or just to get away.

3) How many guests can a member bring?

A member can bring up to 3 guests without notifying us. Anymore than this and you will need to let us know in advance to ensure we have the space and capacity to host you

4) What are your reciprocal membership clubs

There are too many to list here but we have partnerships in most of the major cities around the world. A full list is available in our members hub for members... cities include but not limited to NY, LA, Jhb, Dubai, Nairobi, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Rio, Paris, Singapore, Auckland, Sydney etc

5) What happens to my membership after the first 12 months

You can either stay on the same membership or change to another available tariff. The membership you sign up on is what you stay on for the lifetime of your membership...  Should you change tariff, you can sign up to any offer we have running at the time. It is however unlikely to be better than this!

6) Why would my membership get revoked and what happens if it does.

As a members club - the only way to maintain our integrity is to have the ability to select our members. It is of course not in our business interests to revoke membership for no reason. The membership you sign up to is for 12 months, however, should we revoke it - you will not need to pay off the balance for the year. Once committed, you can not elect to cancel without paying the full term of the membership.

7) What are your opening hours?

We open at 7:30am Mon-Fri and 9am on Sat to serve breakfast. Full opening hours are listed here

8) What are the membership benefits and facilities?

Membership benefits and facilities are listed here.

9) Can members hire the venue and what are the costs?

Members do not pay hire fees for personal events e.g. birthdays, leaving do’s, engagement parties etc. Members are still subject to a minimum spend for an exclusive area. Members may not use their personal membership for a corporate hire. However, corporate members may hire without incurring hire fees for up to 3 events per annum. Please contact us for specific rates and rooms.

10) When do I get my membership card?

After signing up - it will take between 1 - 2 weeks for your membership card and pack to be ready for collection from reception.

11) What are the types of membership and fees?

There are several types of memberships and the information can be found here. The "Use it or Lose it" membership is £195 a year on the basis that you visit us twice a month and spend at least £10 (excluding service) on each visit.

12) Who can apply to be a member?

Anyone can apply to become a member. The selection and approval process is easy. In the first instance, come and visit us and we will approve/decline your application after your visit. If you have a proposer who must be a current member, they become your referee and you are automatically accepted as a member. Our core focus areas are Design, Literature, Theatre and local businesses.

13) Will my membership fee ever go up?

Fortunately no, the price you start with is the price you pay for the lifetime of your membership unless you stop your subscription. Should you re-apply - you will pay whatever the fees are at the time that you re-apply.

14) What happens if the club is hired out?

In the spring of 2019 we launched Dear Alice speakeasy bar. This is an additional event space and bar provides us with the flexibility to ensure there is always somewhere for members to get a drink and relax in the club.

15) What happens if I get charged £95 but I have fulfilled the terms?

As long as you visit the club twice in a month, spend at least £10 (excluding service) on each visit and can provide evidence of the visits and spend before the end of the month, you will NOT be charged. We use an automated system to check your attendance and spend - it is incumbent upon you to check your points balance in your membership hub after every visit. Please let us know as soon as possible if your statement does not reflect your spend or visit before the end of the month. However, if you are unable to prove that you made a visit or met the minimum spend requirement, we will not be able to amend the £95 charge. Once the charge is made, we will not be able to make any refunds.